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from hours in excel, to minutes in bombyx.

If you are looking for a productive way to use a tech pack builder then welcome to Bombyx PLM. If you are unsure what tech packs are, they collaborative documents that includes detailed information about a product’s design, including measurements, material types, including variables such as colours. It’s used by product design industries to create prototypes and samples before proceeding to production.


A tech pack can help a designer better understand a manufacturer’s capabilities and help a manufacturer more efficiently produce a product.


With Bombyx you’re able to turn hours into minutes through our unique tech pack builder that uses automated and semi automated features to produce accurate documentation that produces shorter lead times, and a more efficient way of working.

system masters
bill of materials
system masters
product costings
user care/instructions
system masters
product costings
additional information
partner overview

If you’re interested to learn more, you can find out more about our tech pack functions and features in our tech packs section.