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Bombyx PLM provides a tailored solution for constructing custom modules within the software, accommodating the unique and comprehensive processes of all businesses. It serves as a centralised software accessible at users’ fingertips, facilitating streamlined and customised operations.

Users have the flexibility to design custom modules for various purposes, ranging from certification documents to inspection reports. Additionally, these modules can serve as a distinct and unified location to record additional trade identifiers that might not typically be found elsewhere within the system.


module configuration

This feature allows users to finely tune custom-build modules with unique naming, and functionalities and match specific Brands and Product Types.

automated product integration

Once the custom modules are constructed and set up, this feature facilitates their automatic integration into products that meet the specified criteria.

limitless sections

Users can leverage this feature to incorporate numerous custom sections for each custom module they create, empowering them to tailor the modules precisely to meet their extensive needs

automated table integration

Users have the capability to integrate configured column/row tables within sections of the custom modules using this feature.

responsive view & column formation

This feature provides users with the flexibility to format module sections using multi-columns, ensuring control over the module's appearance across various scenarios. It guarantees effective responsiveness within the system and enables exporting to PDF while accommodating diverse formats.

authorisation & confirmation

Users can utilise this feature to integrate approval and confirmation checkpoints within individual sections or as a holistic aspect of custom modules. These checkpoints serve to track progress in product reports and can be referenced across other modules within Bombyx.


custom module

portrait or landscape

This functionality enables the module to appear in either portrait or landscape format within the PDF. The landscape format specifically accommodates additional columns, effectively utilising the extra space available

custom module


This functionality empowers users to directly modify the product data within each custom module, enabling seamless updates and alterations to the actual product information.

custom module
custom module
custom module library


This functionality enables users to efficiently duplicate elements directly from the custom modules as needed, eliminating the necessity to navigate back to libraries or custom module templates for the same purpose.

custom module

upload & crop

This functionality enables users to upload and crop images necessary for custom modules. Additionally, users have the convenience of applying their signatures, if needed, rather than a manual digital signature, streamlining the process.

custom module
custom module library


This functionality permits users to update or refresh the custom module within the products, ensuring that any modifications made within the template are reflected without altering the current data.

toggle switch

This functionality grants users the ability to toggle the visibility of internal comments added to the custom modules. Users can choose to enable or disable these comments, facilitating the sharing of information with suppliers or external integrated parties as desired.

custom module
custom module


This functionality enables users to save any modifications made within the custom modules, ensuring the secure storage of data for future retrieval and reference.

custom module

mark as complete

This functionality permits users to independently mark each custom module within a product as complete, facilitating the tracking of the product's life cycle progress. This progress is reflected in the progress report, informing all members of the business about its status and highlighting any setbacks or achievements along the way.

custom module

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