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partner overview and integration tutorial and demo

partner overview and integration*

connective collaboration

By bringing on your supply chain and/or customers, you’re enabling a single source of truth that will bring everyone onto the same page, removing confusion, bottlenecks, and saving time.

partner overview and integration

Bombyx helps brands, suppliers, and factories to work together more collaboratively to ensure a smoother process and a quicker turn around of product development and production.

partner overview functions


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When adding a supplier or customer, you’re not only providing a gateway to integration, but an information directory for team members to access, and log important information such as addresses, ports, factory minimums, and much more.


custom module

As partners expand, evolve, or simply change, it’s easy to amend their details and information to keep teams in the loop by simply tapping the edit icon and updating the relevant data.


partner overview

By tapping the integrate button in the partner overview, you can easily and automatically onboard your customers and supply chain. Once you tap integrate, partners will receive an invitation to join the Bombyx Platform. From there, they can immediately begin working together, streamlining collaboration and communication.

partner overview


custom module library

Whether due to a change in business needs or for any other reason, if you need to part ways with an integrated partner, you can easily remove them from the Bombyx platform. Doing so will ensure that they no longer have access to your product data and other resources. This simple process ensures that your business remains secure and streamlined.


partner overview

Bombyx allows you to add an unlimited number of partners and their employees. Additionally, we provide individual credentials for every person involved in the product creation process, enhancing ease of use and communication. With these features, you can streamline collaboration across teams, helping to ensure the success of your business.

Partner Overview


partner overview

If your partner is a supplier, you can list all of their factory locations and subcontractors within their own card. This provides teams with full visibility of product origin, lead times, and other important details. With this information easily accessible, your team can make informed decisions, ensuring a smooth and successful production process.

supporting documents

partner overview

Within your partner’s card, you can upload and update compliance and documentation, including building/ethical audits. Moreover, you can set expiry dates for documents that require regular resubmissions. With these features, you can streamline the management of compliance and documentation, ensuring that your business remains organized and up-to-date.

partner overview

supplier suggest

partner overview

Partners can easily suggest new ideas or changes to existing products, avoiding lengthy email exchanges. If you approve the suggestion, the change will automatically be implemented, streamlining the product development process. With this feature, you can foster a collaborative environment, ensuring that all parties involved have a voice in the creation process.