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Bombyx PLM includes a purchase order management feature that helps streamline the purchasing process for all product companies. With this feature, users can easily create and manage purchase orders, track order status, and monitor supplier performance.

Create unlimited purchase orders (po’s) of any stock items you need to order. From raw materials to finished goods, users can assign their requirements to their chosen suppliers anywhere in the world. The fully integrated platform allows you to track the status of purchase orders from creation to delivery as well as providing you with real-time visibility into the procurement process.

what is a purchase order?

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by the buyer to the seller. It's a legally binding document that indicates the terms of the exchange and serves as an agreement record between buyer and seller.

what can i include in my purchase orders?

The level of information included in a Purchase order vary from the buyer and seller requirements but in general the following tend to be found in every Purchase Order:


  • purchase order reference number and date issued
  • buyer and seller name and addresses
  • outline of the product type, colourway, size, quantity, and agreed price
  • payment terms, payment methods, due date and late fees or discount
  • delivery date, delivery address and shipment method

what are the benefits to purchase orders?

Beyond acting as a legal document to ensure the buyer and seller follow an agreement, purchase orders provide other benefits including:


  • stock management - a buyer, can track stock level and plan reorders
  • planning - a buyer can plan their future purchases within their budgets
  • forecasting - a buyer can achieve more accurate cashflow forecasts

can i make a po template to reuse again and again?

Purchase Order Templates are a vital part of the administration for every business trading with different sellers, not one fits all. A good purchase order template will be set up in a way to allow the actual purchase orders to be raised within minutes.

Bombyx allows users to create customisable templates with simple drag-and-drop features. To learn how to create a purchase order template, click here.

can i link my po to its packing list or qc report?

We understand that each order can come with supporting files like a packing list or QC report, which both can be uploaded by the user or their supplier. In some instances, repeat orders come with production samples to ensure consistency. Therefore, Bombyx has created separate spaces to store this information which is allocated with every purchase order. In our Purchase Order Tutorials, you learn all the functions that can be applied for supporting information.

what is a purchase order report?

Each year products accumulate multiple purchase orders for a different month, season, store, or franchise. With hundreds of products a year being produced, this can lead to a huge task for buying and shipment tracking needs.


Any good Agile product system should provide the capabilities to organise and offer custom functions to generate reports to be able to oversee the process of purchase orders.


Learn more on how to use Bombyx Purchase Order Reports in our Tutorials.


All your purchases with a single view, Bombyx provides the key to better planning and smarter spending. Take control of your future buying with a purchase order report - make smarter choices, with smarter technology.

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