Bombyx PLM

purchase order templates
tutorial and demo

introduction to the P.O. template module



purchase order templates

navigating to the purchase order template

You must click into the libraries/groups/and templates,  once inside the libraries, tap the ‘PO Template’ button in the menu bar to enter this page.



To create a new template, tap the plus icon. 


creating a new template

Creating templates in the system saves time, you can raise an order within minutes, rather than having to reinvent the structure every time. Purchase Orders can differ in how information is presented, leaving each user to decide on how to display this critical information.



The first section you see is the template name, order number, order date, and an upload icon for you to upload your company logo.



To the left of the page, you will see Default Controls and Other Controls, select Default and drag in the Supplier/Factory Details section, and place it in the area of your choosing.  These are mandatory so you will not be able to create a purchase order without this information.



Once you have dropped it into place, the section will become visible for you to enter the relevant information.



The next section is Company Details, select from the dropdowns and enter the requested information in the text boxes.


A purchase order is important for both parties involved as it acts like a receipt, to ensure that goods are shipped on time, and track budget spending. This is also useful to avoid disputes during a transaction.

other controls

When creating your template, you have the option to add other controls, these consist of text areas, checkboxes, date pickers, question labels, etc.



Just like Default drag and drop into place.

rearranging sections

To rearrange the sections into a preferred order, tap the re-arrange button.




For rearranging, tap and hold the re-arrange icon on the left-hand side of each section in the popup, and drag it into the order you’d like it to be displayed. To save this sequence tap ‘Save’ at the bottom of the popup.




The default mode for a toggle switch is off. To turn it on, just tap the toggle and it’ll turn to green indicating that it is switched on.




By switching it on, you’re allowing your integrated suppliers to see information in this section, as well as the information, that is visible in the documentation that is submitted to a supplier or downloaded.

sizes, quantities, and prices

Having a purchase order template is having a clear list of all items so that there is less risk of suppliers getting orders wrong, using the Bombyx system stops communication issues and data loss.



editing sections

Some sections in the purchase order can be edited/updated, to edit all the details in a section, tap the edit icon on the header card. A popup will appear on the right side of the page, here you can untick labels from that section to not appear when the P.O. is downloaded.




You can also tick/untick the Required labels list.


If you just want to edit/update one field in the section, hover over the text and an edit icon will appear on the row of the text area, tapping this will again bring a popup but here you can edit the supplier name, and tick/untick the enable and required fields.


duplicating purchase order templates

To duplicate a template, tap the duplicate icon at the end of the row of the selected template.



This will take you back inside the template, for you up edit/update the P.O. number, as discussed each number needs to be unique. Once done tap save.

preview template

To preview the template, tap the preview icon in the action panel column.


single & multiple deleting templates

To delete a single template, tap the delete icon, of the selected template row.



If you want to delete multiple templates at once, select the checkboxes down the left side of the poms, and tap the ‘delete’ button, positioned to the right of the search bar function.



When you have finished entering the information for the template, you can now make the template active, by clicking the inactive toggle button, to the right of the page. If the template stays inactive, you will not be able to assign the template to the purchase order of a product.




In the template library, the eye icon represents the status of the template, So you can make this active/inactive by tapping the eye icon. A popup message will appear with the updated status.


created & modified by

To see who uploaded or modified the purchase order template, hover over the information icon in the action panel column.



And it’ll show the details of when the template was uploaded, by who, as well as the date and time. If the template has been modified It’ll also show by who, along with the date and time.

select/unselect all

To select all, tap on the ‘select all’ button this will mark all templates with a tick, From here you then you can either delete all of the templates by clicking on the ‘bin’ icon next to the search bar.



To unselect all, just tap on the ‘unselect all’ button in the same position as the select all and this will cancel the action.