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tops down analysis planning

introduction to tops down planning module

Bombyx Tops Down Analysis Planning provides a strategic approach to product development and management, allowing you to take a comprehensive and top-level view of your products. By considering the overarching goals and resources, you can effectively plan, allocate resources, and make informed decisions.

tops down analysis planning

With Tops Down Analysis Planning, you can optimise workflows, streamline collaboration, and ensure efficient execution throughout the product lifecycle. Gain valuable insights, enhance efficiency, and drive successful product outcomes with Tops Down Planning in our PLM system.

the start of the beginning

Season upon season, success is achieved through strategic planning from the get-go. Each season planning tends to start with the merchandisers and buyers working together on different products and their quantities needed to enhance season sales.


Planning a new season in the industry is an exhilarating endeavor. However, amidst the creative excitement, one crucial aspect often holds the key to success: buy planning.


This strategic process, which involves carefully determining product quantities, assortments, and financial considerations, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the profitability, efficiency, and overall success of a brand or retailer’s seasonal offerings.

what is planning

This is the process where total quantities as a whole business per season and at the highest level of product quantities are defined. Bombyx Tops Down analysis planning feature allows the flexibility for users to work both and continuously updates the data throughout the planning process to ensure active correct data is being displayed. For each year and season across their highest Level, users can input planned & actual data

tops down analysis planning

For each year and season across their highest Level, users can input planned & actual data. Users have the ability to show and hide attributes that they wish to work on and not to use, they can set their Tops Down feature accordingly to suit their business model.

comparing years

Tops Down provide the users to plan their season and then apply actual results, so they can get a clear insight for all their high-level planning. This overall contributes to a better understanding of the next season’s planning.

Within Tops Down, users can compare previous years as a whole across all the attributes above. This foresight helps to minimise the risk of overstocking or understocking, leading to optimised intake levels and improved cash flow management.

benefits of tops down

Tops Down facilitates strategic decision-making in ensuring adequate distribution is implemented across the products from the highest level.  This deliberate curation ensures that the assortment aligns with the brand’s image, maximises sales potential, and enhances customer satisfaction, thereby fostering brand loyalty and long-term success.


Additionally, Tops Down planning plays a vital role in financial planning and budgeting. By setting realistic sales targets and projecting revenues businesses can establish a sound financial framework for the upcoming season.


As merchandisers work closely with finance and operations teams, who provide them with a season budget to meet, Tops Down enables them to align with the financial goals to optimise profitability and return on investment.


In conclusion, Tops Down planning is an essential step of season planning. It provides valuable insights, minimising risks, optimising distribution, and supporting financial targets. By utilising the Bombyx PLM software Tops Down feature, users can engage in strategic planning,  achieve sustainable growth and secure a competitive edge in the ever-evolving markets.


show/hide columns

custom module
As not all teams are the same size nor all businesses operate in the same methods, this functionality allows the users to select and show only the attributes relevant to their operations.


placeholder management

By utilising the filtering function in Bombyx, users can efficiently and effectively generate search results based on various parameters of products. The users also have the options to filter products on different levels. As a result, this flexibility optimizes productivity and enhances overall performance, streamlining business processes.

tops down analysis planning