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operational critical path

operational critical paths

introduction to operational critical path module

The operational critical path within Bombyx is the backbone of this intricate operation. It delineates the most time-sensitive and mission-critical sequence of tasks that must be executed flawlessly to keep projects on track, maintain quality, and meet deadlines.

operational critical path

the critical path navigates through various phases, including concept design, prototyping, testing, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and distribution. In essence, the operational critical path is the compass guiding us through the complexities of modern product development. Its effective management ensures that every facet of the process harmonises to deliver innovative, high-quality products to market efficiently and effectively.

operation management - the backbone of business success

Operations management plays a vital role in businesses as it significantly boosts efficiency, product quality, customer satisfaction, and cost control, thereby fostering the overall success and sustainability of the organisation. At its core, operations management revolves around optimising processes and workflows to ensure the efficient utilisation of resources.


By enhancing productivity, businesses can achieve higher output while utilising fewer resources, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability. Ultimately, operations management serves as a cornerstone for achieving operational excellence and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

importance of operational management tools

Operational Management Tools grants businesses an all-encompassing insight into their operations, fostering process streamlining, improved collaboration, and continuous enhancement throughout the product life cycle. By adopting this integrated approach, companies achieve higher product quality, enhanced efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

Operational Critical Path

Bombyx emerges as an essential tool in efficiently managing and maintaining the health of the product lifecycle Management systems. It empowers users with effective system interaction, performance optimisation, issue troubleshooting, and productivity enhancement. With Bombyx, businesses can streamline their processes, and achieve better overall outcomes in their product development endeavours.

operational critical paths (OCPs) - one true version

Bombyx’s advanced features and functions empower users with the capability to monitor and manage the complete Product Lifecycle seamlessly from a centralised source.


Serving as an indispensable tool, Bombyx’s operational critical path furnishes real-time information and comprehensive control over production performance, resource utilisation, and active processes.

Operational Critical Path

Notably, Bombyx offers boundless customisation options for operational critical paths, enabling teams, departments, or management functions to create tailored dashboards that align perfectly with their unique requirements.


Users gain access to consolidated, up-to-the-minute data in a matter of seconds, a significant improvement over the traditional hours-long wait. This swift access to live data empowers users to make informed decisions concerning product processes, resource allocations, and team adjustments, leveraging the insights provided by the dashboard.



show/hide columns

custom module
As not all teams are the same size nor all businesses operate in the same methods, this functionality allows the users to select and show only the attributes relevant to their operations.

product filtering

placeholder management

By utilising the filtering function in Bombyx, users can efficiently and effectively generate search results based on various parameters of products. The users also have the options to filter products on different levels. As a result, this flexibility optimizes productivity and enhances overall performance, streamlining business processes.

Operational Critical Path

add source/maual

placeholder management

This allows users to add and configure their channels for the Bottoms Up Planning, This is where the channels can be defined as dependent or independent and show their data in generation as both options of either adding manually or sourcing data from the rest of the system.


custom module

As Planning evolves, changes can affect their identity or source of point, through this function, businesses can adapt by easily updating and editing the channel usability settings. This ensures that Planning remains relevant and accurate  in a changing market.

Operational Critical Path


bottoms up analysis planning

This function allows users to temporarily stop the user of a specific Channel, which won’t be shown in the Bottoms Up planning. This can also be used to remove any Channels but users prefer to keep data for record and not permanently delete the channels.



bottoms up analysis planning