Bombyx PLM

manuals and documents tutorial and demo

basyx: manuals and documents

a central hub for company wide information.

By centralizing your brand guidelines, supplier manuals, process documents and more in one place, you can easily access them whenever needed. This centralization does not have to be limited to product-related materials;

manuals and documents

Any internal documentation that may require external sharing can be included as well. One example of this is Manuals and Documents, which can hold a variety of topical documents, making them easily accessible to your team and supply chain.


manuals/ documents functions


placeholder management

Adding a document, or a folder to house documents in a more organised way is as sample as the tap of a button. Anything from brand guidelines, to PIM templates and more. Whatever it is that isn’t product specific can be placed in the manuals/documents area.


custom module

When editing, you can modify the document name, expiry day, and type. You can also change the brand and supplier. Supplier assignment is helpful when you have the same product in two different factories with factory-specific documentation.



custom module library

If a document is no longer relevant to a product anymore and it doesn’t need archiving for future reference, you’re able to delete the document permanently and remove it from your product’s data.


custom module library

Furthermore, if you require access to the files you’ve uploaded outside of the system, you can easily download them onto your device. This enables you to use them outside of Bombyx as needed.

manuals and documents


product costings

A preview functionality is available for your uploaded files, allowing you to easily view their contents. This is particularly useful if you need to reference or check the file’s contents before downloading it.



manuals and documents

Files can also be shared externally to your partners. This is perfect for anything that relate to them being able to produce your products to your specific brand guidelines, or any other piece of information which you’d like share, ensuring a smooth partnership with centralised data. Additionally you can share general files within your products too!


custom module library

If a file is due to expire, or a more up to date version has been created, you’re able to renew the file, and have the original automatically archived should you need to reference it or look back on it at any point in the future.


product critical path

It’s not only previous versions of renewed files that can be archived. Any product you no longer need in your open files and folders can be archived and kept safe for you to reference at a later date.