Bombyx PLM



setup in minutes, not months.

At Bombyx, our settings space has an interactive layout to make configuring account settings more user-friendly. Relevant settings are displayed during the set-up process, depending on the user’s role.

The admin user can customise general information for the entire business through a dedicated page, and tailor each user’s experience and preferences, saving time when adding new users. This approach ensures a personalised experience for every user and maintains an efficient workflow.

settings overview

company/user details


The admin user has exclusive access to this area, where they can enter their name and upload a personal image or company logo. It’s also where essential company details like name, address, registration, and VAT number can be added.

user management


The admin can manage user accounts by adding, editing, or deleting users as needed. They can also enable/disable users and assign them to a user group, defining their user rights.


user groups/rights


After adding a group, the admin can define their access to features and functions throughout the Bombyx software by selecting checkboxes and enabling toggle switches using the user-friendly interactive function.