Bombyx PLM

user instructions
tutorial and demo

introduction to the user instruction module



user instruction library

navigating to the user instructions

To view the user instructions library you will need to first go into Libraries/Groups/Templates then you will see the section called User Instructions.

User Instructions

Once clicked into the user instructions section, you will see the whole library for your symbols, instructions, and disclaimers. Each function shown in this tutorial is consistent in each user instruction section.

adding user instructions

To add a new instruction, tap the plus icon.




This will bring a visible row on the table where you can enter the following information: the code, description, and select the care type from the dropdown menu.



To save to the library,  tap the save icon at the end of the row.

upload an image

Tap the upload icon, and a popup will appear in which you can drag and drop the image into the grey box, or you can tap the upload icon in the bottom right corner.



Once the image has been selected, a preview of that image will be displayed in the ‘Uploaded Image and Crop Preview’ area where you can then crop the image to focus on a preferred area by dragging one of the square crop handles in the corner.



Once you’re happy with the cropping position, tap the ‘Upload Image’ button.


editing user instructions

To edit a user instruction, tap the pen icon at the end of the row of the selected instruction.




The table will become visible for you to edit/update that instructions information,  once done tap save, or to cancel this action click the cancel icon.




import xls files

To import XLS user instruction files, you can do this by tapping the upload icon, which is next to the search bar.



download sample files

By clicking the download icon,  you can save a copy of the file to your documents.

User Instructions 2

add instructions to a group

To add symbols to a group, tap the checkboxes down the left-hand side of the table, once you have selected the symbols you wish to add to a group, you will then need to tap the add to group icon.




This will prompt a popup where you can either select a group from the dropdown menu or tap the plus icon to create a new group.



deleting user instructions

There are two ways of deleting care labels, single delete or multiple at once.

To single delete, locate the label you want to delete and tap the bin icon that is at the end of the row in the action panel.




To multiple delete labels, select the checkboxes of each label, and tap the bin icon that is next to the search bar.




This will prompt a popup asking you if you are sure you want to delete the selected, tap yes to continue or no to cancel this action.

select/unselect all

To select all, tap on the ‘select all’ button this will mark all user instructions symbols with a tick.




From here you then you can either delete all of the templates by clicking on the ‘bin’ icon next to the search bar or by selecting all you can add all to a group.




To unselect all, just tap on the ‘unselect all’ button in the same position as the select all and this will cancel the action.

user instruction groups

navigating to the user instruction groups

To enter the user instructions groups page, tap the instructions group button.



adding a group

To add a new group for your user instruction, tap the add icon.




From here you will have to enter the group's name and description, these are required fields. Any other details can be filled in at a later date if you do not have that information to hand.



upload an image

To upload an image for the group's folder, tap the upload icon next to the image box.



Here you can either drag and drop the image into the grey box area or tap the upload icon.


Once you have finished cropping the area of the image you want to display, tap the upload button.

importing user instructions

Search/Import is a simple function, all you have to do is to start typing the code/description in the search bar, and Bombyx will start to filter through the user instructions within the library. Once the required user instruction appears in your search results, tap the item to import it.


editing groups

To edit information in the group, tap the edit icon on the group's card.




Once inside you can add, edit, and delete the user instructions.



deleting groups

To single delete a group, tap the selected group card's bin icon. Or if you want to delete multiple at once, you can do this by tapping the checkboxes of each group, then navigating to the delete icon next to the search bar.



Or if you want to delete all, you can do so by clicking the select all button, this will mark all cards with a tick, again tapping the bin icon next to the search bar will delete these from the system.