Bombyx PLM

tutorial and demo

introduction to the gradings module

Creating a grading group is a range of sizes for a single style. Which leads to the creation of your product in a variety of sizes.


Gradings take the heavy thinking out of complex specification sizing, Through formulation in the LGT’s, when assigned to a product, only enter the sample size, and your other measurements will be calculated automatically.


So let’s create your grading group…




navigating to the gradings


To be able to access the ability to see poms and gradings,  you will need to click on the libraries, groups, and templates which can be found in the top bar.



Once tapped look across the middle bar and see POM & gradings tab,  you will need to tap this to access the pom library and the grading groups.



Once in the pom library, navigate to the grading group button on the right-hand side of the page.


creating a new grading group


To create a new grading group you will need to click on the plus icon, this will then take you to the group's creation page.



Here you will see 5 mandatory fields that you will need to fill in, before allowing you to save the grading group. So just enter or select from the dropdowns.


Once done you can now save your group, if you do not have the other information to hand, you can enter it at a later date.



Note: In the group, you need to make sure the categories that are selected from the dropdown are matching/line up with the ones that have been allocated to the products, otherwise, you will be unable to assign the grading group to them.

size range/grading


Size/range grading is where you would include what sizes the product is, and the plus and minus icons you can use to add or remove to get the correct amount you need.



To add more size range/ grading tap the plus icon.



When you have the correct number of cells for the sizes, you can now enter them, selecting which will be your sample size, by tapping the circle icon, then tapping the apply button to save your size range gradings.



measurement unit


Although your measurement unit will be set to cm or inches by your company administrator, there may be times when you want to convert these measurements. All you have to do is tap the sliding button and it will take you from centimeters to inches.





When inches are selected, you have a further option to view your inches in decimals or fractions. Tap the sliding button, and it will change the view of your measurements to the selected view.


adding poms in a grading group

To add poms to the grading group, one way you can do this is by using the search bar function, start by typing in the pom code or description in the search bar, and Bombyx will filter through the libraries.

Once you see the pom, tap to import it.

Another way of adding poms to the group is from the pom library.  If you want to find out how to add poms to a group from the library then head over to the pom library tutorial to find out more.

editing grading groups


To edit or update information in the grading group, tapping the edit icon on the group's row, will enable you to edit/update the grading information you have previously entered.



Note: Any poms that are edited in the group will be changed here only. If this group is allocated to products already, then any changes in that group will not be changed in the products it is already assigned to.

duplicating grading groups


To duplicate an already existing grading group, you can do this by tapping the duplicate icon at the end of the row of the selected grading group you want to duplicate.



Once tapped you will need to enter a name for the grading group, as each grading name needs to be unique in the system in order for it to save.


deleting single and multiple grading groups


There are two ways of deleting groups, single delete or multiple at once. If your grading group is still assigned or being used in a product, then you are going to be unable to delete this.


To delete a single grading group that is no longer been used on the system, tap the delete icon that is under the action column at the end of the row of the selected group.



To delete multiple groups, tap the checkboxes on the left side of the row, then tap the bin icon that is positioned on the right-hand side of the page.


exporting excel sheets


If for whatever reason you need to export your product's specifications and/or its gradings, tap export excels and this will download an excel document with the information shown on the system.



If grading is hidden the excel sheet will not show any grading in the document, and if the grading is visible on the screen when you download the excel sheet, the grades will also be applied to the excel document.

upload measurements from an excel document in (other) specifications


If you’ve previously been developing your products via an excel document, you can quickly upload that data into (other) specifications of the product by tapping the upload icon button next to the search bar function.



Note: Your grading group and POMs must already be added to the POM library and a grading group formed in the LGT, and assigned to your product in order for the system to upload the data from your excel document.

downloading sample files


When you have completed entering the information of the grading group, you can now download the grading group as an excel document.


To download a sample file of your grades, tap the download icon that is located next to the search bar function.



In the grading group, you will see a box that says inactive and if clicked it will turn to active.

When you have finished entering the relevant information, and you want to link the grading group to the product, you need to make sure this group is active.

If the grading group is inactive, you will be unable to add groups to products.