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Press Release: Bombyx is pleased to welcome Rekucci to their platform

“As a small team we wanted things to be simple, fast and help us do our jobs better – our design team had nightmares about drowning in never-ending PLM menus and dropdowns”

Press Release: Bombyx is pleased to welcome Rekucci to their platform

The brand Rekucci started in 2014 – with a simple idea about doing things differently. 

With over 20 years of experience in a traditional retail market, serving brick and mortar retail giants  – Rekucci recognized that things needed to change, along with themselves. In 2014, armed with their mission statement – making comfortable, affordable, well-fitting garments – Rekucci was born, immediately started selling online, and has never looked back.

“When we put our first pair of pants up for sale on our Amazon store, we had no idea how well it would do. We knew what we were passionate about, and we believed in our product, but the big question was if women would love our garments as much as we did”.

Their growth has been marked by the first intrepid Amazon customers that found them, bought them, wore them, loved them, and, most importantly told their friends about them.

Now, loyal customers and newbies alike can find Rekucci not only on Amazon’s worldwide but at

“As we continue to grow, we are always looking to the future, and perhaps more than most, we couldn’t do what we do without embracing technology. At the very beginning of our story, we developed our own ERP system in order to stay competitive on multi-platform sales channels, but we struggled to find a suitable PLM system.”

Like many brands looking into the adoption of a PLM system, they went about creating a Wishlist of key functionality their system needed to incorporate.

“On our wish list was something that felt intuitive, clean, and easy to use [however] what we were shown was not only expensive, but complicated, overly packed with features we would never use, and seemed to be built by programmers who had never designed a garment or created a tech pack in their life.” 

Rekucci found that with some of the bigger, more cumbersome systems it was apparent that working a PLM system would become its own job entirely.  As a small team they wanted things to be simple, fast and help us do our jobs better – what everyone looks for in IT systems designed to assist a business.

“Our design team had nightmares about drowning in never-ending PLM menus and dropdowns.”

This is when they came across Bombyx PLM.

Bombyx was born from the desire and need for a PLM system that can be used by businesses of every size in a time-efficient manner by all those that contribute to the production of apparel, footwear and accessories.

“We like things clean, and we like things simple, because the world of fashion and garment manufacturing is complicated enough.”

Lucy Blackley, founder of Bombyx PLM.

Bombyx is not only user-friendly but affordable to all levels. With brands demanding an ever-increasing reduction in the cost price of their orders, Bombyx wants to ensure that all brands, no matter the size, have access to the same core tools available to companies of a larger scale. “This is why Bombyx was born, and why we have decided to ensure all price plans have access to what we like to call ‘essential features’.”

Whether a smaller brand or a large multinational, Bombyx can help. Bombyx provides a scalable service helping facilitate business growth and development, allowing brands to grow to the same scale as the larger companies they aspire to be.  By significantly reducing the amount of admin created throughout the product lifecycle Bombyx enables each employee to concentrate on the fantastic products they want to develop for their customer/client base.

“The demonstration was wonderful. From our introduction, the program seemed like everything we imagined a PLM should be, and actually looked and felt much like trend forecasting sites we were already using. It was very exciting to see something that matched our expectations of how things should be, and a pleasure to deal with someone who “speaks our language”. And this is why we ultimately felt comfortable and chose to sign on with Bombyx PLM.”

Bombyx offers that perfect blend of well-designed user experience and user interface along with industry experience and know-how.  It allows brands such as Rekucci to pick the system elements that are important to their business and help them to keep producing the garments loyal customers and new have come to expect.

“Bombyx is really going to enable us to grow without drowning in admin processes.”

Following the initial signup and registration of the Rekucci design and merchandising teams, CEO of Bombyx Lucy said “Since the initial onboarding of Rekucci, they were keen to get the most from the system as soon as possible.  Rekucci invited us over to their headquarters in Montreal, Canada to initiate and assist with the process of uploading a large volume of tech packs and assisting their design and merchandising teams on using the PLM system.  We really wanted to see how well the system was received, and as a brand new to the world of PLM, it was great seeing how they interacted with the system and how easy it was for them to do what they wanted.  We’re looking forward to working with new brands that are scaling such as Rekucci and excited to see the positive effect Bombyx has on their business growth.”

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