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Why Are we Not Looking at PLM From a People's Perspective?

Passion Project

I turned my ‘passion project’ into a business after leading a team of product developers. My job was to ensure daily tasks, minimize delays, and motivate, and develop the team.


Upper management focused only on workload and lead times, leaving motivation, contentment, and development to me. I aimed to keep the team excited about their industry, leading to less staff turnover and more time for established members to apply their skills.

Brands need to deliver products, but there is frustration among product teams due to growing administrative tasks. This is a long-standing issue, and only some fashion companies and suppliers have modernized to the 21st-century standards.

Not so Quick on The Uptake

Slow fashion modernization. Budgets are prioritized for products, leaving other areas lacking, like PLM systems to assist the company’s people.


Outdated systems cause more trouble than assistance, leading to work and late nights for teams. Rushing out a system causes more problems than solutions.


Creating a system slowly allows for thought-out aspects and quicker reactions. PLM users are frustrated with employers not including them in decision-making processes and software solutions.


The industry needs to work from the bottom up, inviting real-life users to the table for user-friendly and multi-dimensional solutions.

Let's Hear it For Individuality

Companies often demand that every person works in the same way, which can slow down teams and restrict employees.


Solution providers should design tech that considers human complexities and differences in working styles. It is important to understand the diversity of people within companies to create stronger relationships between suppliers and teams.

By nurturing and caring for areas in need, companies can work through their strengths and weaknesses to reach their goals without restriction. Let’s focus on the present and near future instead of the far ahead future of robots.

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