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The Future of Fashion is Digital, Post-Covid-19 (with audio version)

In my previous article about climate change, well-being, and PLM, I argued that a shift in our buying and trading behaviour was necessary to address some of the world’s biggest problems, in which the apparel industry played a significant role.


However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious disruptions in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, with orders being cancelled and delayed.


Despite online sales being up, some big companies refuse to pay rent for their stores. It’s unethical to prioritize one’s own business in the midst of a global crisis.


Collaboration is essential for the future of business. The environmentally conscious worry that incoming stock will be destroyed, burned, or dumped in landfills. Given the current situation, why not stop the clock on apparel and fashion?


It’s time to reconsider the value of last season’s clothes, especially since weather changes are not significant in the UK.

We must be responsible now more than ever and temporarily rethink our businesses and teams to evolve into ‘business unusual’, rather than returning to ‘business as usual’.


The pandemic will change how we do things forever, but it has also connected people digitally and increased kindness and support from businesses.


This downtime provides a chance to improve business efficiency and culture through digital tools and collaboration, preparing for post-Covid-19. It’s important to remember that this chaos is temporary and businesses can come out of this stronger with teamwork.

Getting Around to Finally Going Digital

With Covid-19 disrupting our 2020 plans, it’s time to fight fire with fire and look at disruptive projects.


Many brands and manufacturers plan to go digital but lack time to question how analogue processes hinder their business structure.


Engage with your team to plan the future of business post-pandemic and remove inefficient processes with tools that enable collaborative workflow solutions. This streamlines processes, increases efficiency, and creates room for innovation.

Successfully deploying a PLM software solution depends on ensuring your teams use it to its full potential.


Untapped functions are not cost-effective. Effective digital transformation involves solving existing issues and accessing untapped business knowledge, which requires input from your staff.


Initiate your transformation from the bottom up to engage employees and bring out their inner leaders.


Failure to connect with your representatives can diminish the benefits gained from the venture. Use PLM to future-proof your business by investing in a system that improves efficiency, provides savings, and shrinks time to market.


Covid-19 has given us time to reflect and consider, so use this time wisely to scale innovation and take your business to the next level.

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