Bombyx PLM

Lifecycle of a Lifecycle (Part 1 of 2)

Core Ideas

In 2012, I started to conceptualize a new PLM system, using sketches and Excel workbooks to aid my work in product development and garment technology.


While different companies had different setups, my system could be adapted with a few tweaks, but sharing the files posed problems such as slow speeds and mistakes due to overwriting or editing.

These issues and similar complaints from my network led me to develop my own solution, as existing service providers had similar aggravations and limitations.


While some companies have made positive contributions to the industry, there aren’t enough of them to cater to the needs of all businesses, from independent labels to large corporations, who aim to provide quality products while growing their business.

The Big Picture

My findings helped me connect the dots to my future in the industry and led me to my ‘why’. I had to invest the money i saved for buying property into developing my own solutions. 


While I love my work, I needed more than just owning property, I wanted to provide an affordable service to level the playing field.


I continued as a product development lead while adding software tech, and managing my team as a serving leader. My zeal grew to provide flexible PLM projects with serving values.

In 2017, influencers and social media stars turned industries on their heads, a trend that continued in 2018. Buyers look to Instagram and IoT for what’s hot.


After 4 years of pondering, wireframing software and coffee led me to a new solution. I was naive in my beginnings, originally envisioning 6 months for development with a team of 10.


I spent 6 months creating wireframes, then formed a team of software designers and developers. Problem-solving and re-designing only boosted team momentum and strengthened the system concept.

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