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How To Get A True Understanding Of Product Costing

Product costing is essential for turning a great business idea into a successful reality. To avoid issues like profit loss and over-budgeting, it’s vital to have a solid understanding of production costs. Rushing the process could damage your brand and sales.

Ensure you sell your products for their true value by factoring in your initial outlay, expenses, and product value. By gathering necessary data upfront, you’ll make informed decisions and prioritize product costing.

But How do you go About Working it all out?

To work out your total product costs, you add your direct material and labor costs, plus your manufacturing overheads.


However, to understand the true cost of a product and your actual profit margins, you must understand cost accounting. This includes various factors like ingredient and material prices, market conditions, and supplier location, which help you predict potential changes that could impact your products.

Cost accounting enables you to find other suppliers or hold back on manufacturing during price increases. Although it may be challenging, you can use PLM management to simplify the process.


This helps you achieve greater cost transparency and predict future costs and prices, enabling you to optimize costs and increase the speed and accuracy of quote requests. Contact the Bombyx team to learn more about how PLM can help with your costings.

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