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How PLM Can Impact Your Business Productivity

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. PLM integrates people, data, processes, and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprises.


The goals of PLM are to reduce time to market, improve product quality, reduce prototyping costs, identify potential sales opportunities and revenue contributions, maintain and sustain operational serviceability, and reduce environmental impacts at end-of-life. PLM systems help organizations in coping with the increasing complexity and engineering challenges of developing new products for the global competitive markets.

But How Does a PLM Accomplish This And How is it Implemented?

Businesses face a wide array of issues; from improperly allocated resources to outdated business methods, the first step is to identify these problems. However, this is more easily said than done. How does someone narrow down the issues they and other departments face; if they can’t communicate effectively with other groups, how long did it take, and is this the extent of the issue?


A PLM is a centralized foundation, tailored to its client company, that ties together all facets of an organization. It is the single and objective culmination of all areas, contributing to a sincere and real-time reflection of product design, production, end-of-life, and all aspects in-between.


By using this singular repository, that all departments, suppliers, and partner organizations subscribe to, you now have the resource needed to analyze a product throughout its lifetime and address the issues that arise during it. No longer is data collected from a terminus and conclusions drawn from its success; now data is collected continuously, highlighting hurdles that slow or impede progress, leading to a more efficient production model for the future.

This input of real-time data, and the ability to act on it, inevitably leads to an overall improvement in product quality and the efficacy of its manufacture. Consequently, this information can also be used to avert disastrous errors and notify staff of the need to provide maintenance when it is required.


Of course, PLM does still provide end analysis. With a detailed analysis of the behavior of product sales and buyer trends, the expectations of the end-users can be understood, predicted, and tailored too; reducing the risk of consumer dissatisfaction, non-compliance with industry standards, and damaged customer relations.


Using a PLM impacts your business productivity by aiding in the visualization of information; streamlining an otherwise arduous process and presenting that information in a succinct and actionable manner. A PLM used properly, lowers the costs of operation and production and allows risks and issues to be dealt with, without disrupting that workflow or incurring an unneeded cost.

An Eye on The Horizon

Ideally, the concept and use of a PLM are intended to grant a level of foresight to the users. With one united system and all the data that it provides, practiced users would be able to point out problems and use data patterns from previous products to plan the deployment of new products better.


Whether this means a simple fault in a product, like a material needing to be changed, or the management of the supply chain and the suppliers. It is the visibility that a PLM provides that allows the user a position from which they can better navigate the risks, assess the situation, and mitigate or eliminate those hurdles.


The PLM one company uses will undoubtedly differ from the PLM of another company, even if they are from the same provider, this is the hallmark of a well-designed PLM that takes the unique situation every organization faces and molds itself to fit that situation – rather than forcing the user group to change to fit the PLM.

How Bombyx PLM Can Impact Your Business Productivity


At Bombyx, we believe a PLM should try to take the route of least resistance and try to avoid intrusive methods in its implementation; its introduction should be seamless and without struggle. However, it is understandable that a new system and way of working will be jarring, regardless of its integration and the steps taken to prepare its users.

Despite this, the resource provided by Bombyx PLM is invaluable in its flexibility and effectiveness. By removing the need to consistently recompile data, hunt down loose files and hand-off between various departments – design, development, sales, etcetera – Bombyx removes unnecessary infrastructure or ‘white noise’ and cuts to the chase.


Ultimately, Bombyx is the answer to the question of operational and developmental efficiency and to unneeded and wasteful over-structuralization. It is the method by which the meaningless and repeated commotion of cluttered data and jargon, is cut away to provide a clear view of what is truly pertinent; to create a path through an oversaturated sea of information and deliver the succinct clarity required to succeed in an also oversaturated and competitive market.


That is what is important to us at Bombyx, a flexible and efficient data curation system. A system that molds itself to the needs of the client and does so without cause for anxiety or grief. Every member of Bombyx stands by this philosophy, business does not need to be overly complicated and stressful; they are always ready to aid those who become part of the Bombyx group.


Additionally, Bombyx works with businesses and their suppliers as a partner. We don’t believe in handing over software and ending the relationship there. We work tirelessly to understand your business and needs, as well as what is keeping you up at night. Whatever it is keeping you up, it is also keeping us up. We deeply care about manufacturing and are working with our partners to reshape manufacturing from a traditional fusty industry to one that is digital-first.


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