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How Are You so Burnt When You’re Barely on Fire? (with audio version)

The world is burning, and we’re all burnt out. Are the two related? It’s clear they are for those who have suffered wildfires within their communities due to climate change, with the aftermath of these disasters causing trauma to those it has sadly affected.

The buzzwords flying through our industry and others surround climate change, as well as mental health and well-being. It’s all well and good promoting it, but are we doing enough to not only raise awareness but also provide solutions for the two?

Digital Transformation

Switching to eco-friendly materials and employee perks like yoga classes can help, but digital transformation of company processes can take environmental goodwill, employee satisfaction, and profitability to the next level, enhancing company culture.


It’s a collective responsibility to address environmental and mental health issues, and action is often taken too late. Leaders should act beforehand. Greta Thunberg criticizes politicians for inaction, and leaders face similar criticism regarding mental health.

Concrete actions are crucial to achieve goals, and social media posts are insufficient. Technologies can do more than streamline processes. Going digital is inevitable, as innovations become widespread.


David Watson directed the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies and emphasizes that digital transformation is not optional. Our workforce and surroundings need fixing, and digital transformation can help.

Improving Business

Our industry’s impatience leads to uncontrolled carbon emissions. Products are demanded yesterday, and we fly samples worldwide wrapped in plastic for 24-hour delivery. Employees work 80-hour weeks and skip breaks. We must slow down and balance quality and quantity to become more organized.

Our traditional business setups may seem unbroken, but without improvement, we become stagnant. Numerous ways to improve businesses while addressing environmental and mental health issues exist. If your company still relies on the Windows Office suite, we must talk.


PLM systems, including 3D tech, are crucial to the future of product design and manufacturing. They optimize product development and provide centralized records, benefiting companies, employees, supply chains, and the environment.


PLM allows manufacturers to identify sales opportunities, improve forecasting, and reduce material waste.

It ensures supply chain compliance and fosters team spirit. Implementing PLM increases productivity, saves costs, and reduces last-minute sample shipping. This technology is more than data entry; it benefits employees and other areas as well.

Do More For Your Business

In many scenarios, people are screaming because nobody understands what’s going on. Businesses must take responsibility for their employees, and with an organized company and content employees, collaboration with suppliers can reduce the negative impact on the environment and improve practices.

However, digital transformation can make a significant impact without thinking about it, and embracing technology can open minds, and increase profits, and relevance in this competitive industry.

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