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Fashion Industry Cybersecurity: How PLM Can Help

Big-name fashion houses being successfully targeted by cyber-attacks should prompt a review of your security systems to ensure they can withstand determined cybercriminals.


This year, Moncler confirmed a data breach resulting from a ransomware operation, with files stolen and published on the dark web, including data from staff, former employees, suppliers, customers, business partners, and consultants.

Ermenegildo Zegna confirmed a ransomware attack in April, resulting in a prolonged IT systems outage. FCUK was reportedly targeted by REvil in 2021, which gained access to internal systems and operations through backend servers.


These examples illustrate the fashion industry’s susceptibility to hackers, who target the sector due to its large financial transactions and credit card payments.

How can PLM Systems Help?

PLM solutions are changing the fashion industry by providing a centralized system for fashion data stored securely in the cloud. The benefits of going digital include transparent supply chains, cost savings, and reduced lead times.

Additionally, PLM software helps to improve internal security by restricting access on a need-to-know basis. Cybercriminals are indiscriminate and small businesses are at risk too. Don’t assume that you’re too small to be targeted by hackers, as it could lead to trouble.

What can Bombyx do for you?

Product lifecycle management tools facilitate collaboration among brands, manufacturers, and suppliers, globally and at any time. At Bombyx, we provide our clients with affordable, scalable, and easy-to-use digital solutions to bring their ideas to market quickly.

We also offer a consulting service to help you with digital transformation. Our team meets with clients, imports their work into our systems, and gets them started with PLM immediately. Contact us to learn more.

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