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Be Inspired To Go Green By The Latest IPCC Report!

Human activity causes climate change and significant impacts on the planet, including extreme weather events, flooding, droughts, and water stress.


Recently, southeast Australia experienced the worst flooding in a decade due to torrential rainfall.


The latest IPCC report warns of increasing risks of extreme weather events due to human-induced climate change, affecting billions of people worldwide, with the most vulnerable communities suffering the most.


Global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius will cause multiple unavoidable climate hazards over the next 20 years, some with irreversible severe impacts. Inaction on climate change is a dire threat to our well-being and the planet.

What can Businesses do?

Not only do we as individuals have a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint, but businesses can also take action to improve their sustainability practices.


To make a meaningful impact on the environment, it’s important to adopt a long-term strategic approach.

In order to achieve the highest level of eco-friendliness possible, it’s essential to consider the entire supply chain.


When seeking tools and resources to support sustainable business practices, PLM product lifecycle management software is a particularly valuable option.

How Can PLM Help Drive Sustainability?

Consider the lifecycle and supply chain of your products to operate sustainably. Analyzing the environmental impact of production and supply chain choices can reduce your carbon footprint.


Simplify this process using PLM systems to generate sustainability reports and make data visible.


Moreover, PLM tools can make your supply chain more transparent, find eco-friendly suppliers, and accurately track the environmental impact of your products.


Use PLM software to modify projects and achieve sustainability goals, responding to climate change by changing business practices.


To learn more about how PLM can help your brand become more sustainable, contact the team at Bombyx.

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