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The range plans add-on is an overview of your product range/lines with all the design and financial parametres set out. The plan outlines the specifics of your lines; from how many styles you will have, to what materials and colourways will be used, before you dive into the large scale production.


This add-on is useful for teams to follow as a whole, but most importantly it gives the buyer a clear vision of the products, their requirements, and the logistics of their lifecycle. The best part this feature is that it's automatic! No more duplicating your data across multiple shared sheets for the relevant team members. This range plan updates as you work on your product lines.


Examples of what information is included in the range plans:

Total number of pieces per production of a product including repeat orders

• Preview of the product image

• Product details and categories

• Sizing

• Materials used

• Manufacturing details

• Delivery details

• Negotiations History

• Cost price, selling price, and sales intake

• Profit mark-up and margin percentages

• Custom section builder (anything you want in your range plans)

What our collaborators are saying

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This is why we ultimately felt comfortable and chose to sign on with Bombyx PLM.”

Michaela Silverman


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Marie Laskowski


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George Kara


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Neil Weaver

Cath Kidston