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How Digitalisation Can Build A Resilient Supply Chain One of the (many) lessons we’ve learned while living through a global pandemic is just how fragile the system actually is, just how vulnerable our way of life is and how quickly it can all come tumbling down around us.   Of course, from a business perspective, […]

How to Find Profitable Products Product research is absolutely essential when it comes to selling, whether you plan to put products on shop shelves in real life or if you intend to be eCommerce only.   By taking the time to research different products or market niches and using data analysis, you’ll be able to […]

What is a PLM System PLM stands for product lifecycle management In order for us to effectively grasp the understanding of PLM’s existence and its increasing necessity; we must dig a little deeper into the origin by first understanding the product lifecycle. The Phrase ‘Product Lifecycle’ A product lifecycle represents a series of changes in […]

The Future of Fashion is Digital, Post-Covid-19 (with audio version) As stated in my previous article on the links between climate change, well-being, and PLM as part of the solution, I strongly believe the shift in our buying and trading behaviour was due to a revamp in order to tackle some of the world’s biggest […]

How to Improve Product Innovation at your Company Even big companies struggle with innovation. Take, for example, Gerber’s 1970s attempt to penetrate the adult food market. Instead of developing a new line with its own unique distribution strategy, the baby food brand re-labeled existing pureed products and simply placed them in a different aisle. Or, […]

Reducing Waste in Design and Manufacturing: Make It British Live! 2020 Brands, designers and manufacturers are gearing up for this year’s Make It British Live! trade show next month, set for the Business Design Centre in Islington 17-18 March. As many of our members prepare to exhibit or visit the event, we are excited that […]

How Sourcing Agents Take Advantage of Entrepreneurs Looking for a manufacturing partner? A quick search on Google or Alibaba will surface hundreds of results. It isn’t difficult to find a factory – but it is a much harder task to find the right one.    Entrepreneurs struggle to find and vet a manufacturing partner overseas. […]

How to Vet a Manufacturing Partner It’s undeniably more affordable to outsource your product manufacturing to a factory in China or India. But, for most entrepreneurs, it’s difficult to discern which factory is the best fit. Instead of learning how to vet a manufacturing partner, many people rely on a sourcing agent to help navigate […]

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