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The Need for Data Management Within Manufacturing Industries

Data management involves using, storing, curating, and consuming information. According to Cragin et al. in 2007, data curation actively manages data through its lifecycle, ensuring its usefulness to scholarship, science, and education by enabling discovery, maintaining quality, adding value, and providing reuse over time.


Quality and value are crucial to business, so clear and concise information is essential. Closing the gap between physical and digital documentation promotes transparency and enables efficient responses to issues and changes.


In his article “Cheat Sheet: What is Digital Twin?”, Armstrong (2020) provides a digital twin example – a digital model of a physical product. An interactive digital resource helps users address complex issues, and successful workflow centers on data.


Unfortunately, businesses store information in different places, hindering information dissemination during changes. However, having documentation in one place, linked to its constituents and masters, eliminates the ripple effect of changes.


A digital model of the product and data in tandem makes it easy to chart changes and see their effects, ensuring the product’s vision remains unchanged and the information’s genealogy persists.

PLM Solutions

PLM is a strategic approach that supports collaborative creation, management, dissemination, and use of product definition information for the extended enterprise, integrating people, processes, systems, and information.


Product Lifecycle Management systems provide visibility to track a product, its components, and required documentation at every stage, ensuring quality or highlighting problematic areas.

These systems are useful for C-suite overviews and normal users, eliminating manual data compiling and reducing burnout.


A centralized directory provides a cost and time-efficient display of impact, value, quality, issues, requirements, and more. Contact Bombyx to learn more.

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