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How PLM Processes Can Beat The Dreaded Burnout

Workplace health and well-being are increasingly important during the pandemic. Mental health-related absence was already common before the crisis.


In 2018/2019, stress-related absence accounted for 44% of work-related ill health and 54% of working days lost.


Today, CIPHR reports that 79% of adults experience stress monthly, with 18% due to workload. High-stress levels can cause mental health issues and burnout, recognized by the WHO in 2019.

What is Burnout

Burnout, which is caused by long-term stress, is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that can occur in physically or emotionally demanding jobs.
Symptoms include detachment, helplessness, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, procrastination, negative outlook, and self-doubt.

Moreover, contributing factors during the pandemic include money worries, remote work, job security, isolation, physical health, relationships, home-schooling, and caring for others.


As burnout can worsen if left unaddressed, employers must learn to spot signs of stress and burnout and have measures in place to prevent them.

How Can PLM Processes Help?

One strategy to prevent burnout at work is using PLM processes. PLM manages the lifecycle of a product from design to disposal.


Adopting digital solutions promotes flexible working and enables brands to adopt hybrid operating models. This approach helps improve product quality, reduce time to market, and reduce prototyping costs.


PLM allows easy access to information, collaboration, and increased productivity, leading to improvements in the working lives of employees.

By adopting PLM, brands can make product development easy, no matter the size of the corporation.


Contact our team to learn more about our award-winning software solution and how it can help protect your workforce from burnout while making and selling products.

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