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Burnout & What Your Business Can Do About It

Prioritizing employee well-being ensures a productive workforce. As mental health concerns rise, businesses need to offer support.


To avoid burnout, communicate to recognize warning signs. A MetLife UK study found over ten million UK employees take sick leave due to burnout, costing businesses over £700 million yearly.


Employers must manage stressors to prevent negative impacts, including absenteeism. Amy Tomlinson, Head of HR at MetLife UK, emphasizes this.

How to Identify Burnout in Employees

Recognizing burnout signs is vital for timely action, recovery, and optimal performance. Burnout is a mental health issue that may lead to severe conditions such as depression.


Identifying symptoms, including fatigue, irritability, headaches, reduced motivation, and frustration, is crucial.

Left unchecked, burnout leads to self-medication, negative outlook, self-doubt, and clinical depression.


Spotting potential burnout in remote workers is difficult; provide resources, wellness opportunities, and a sense of belonging to prevent issues from escalating.

How PLM Systems can Help Reduce Burnout

Using PLM processes is an effective way to prevent burnout at work, whether in the office or remotely. This approach manages the entire lifecycle of your products, making operations more digital and flexible.


Bringing your people, processes, data, and business systems together in one place allows staff to access what they need more easily.

Additionally, PLM has numerous benefits, including improved product quality, reduced time to market, lower prototyping costs, and a better impact on the environment.


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