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Tech Expo Humber’s ‘We’re In Tech’ Talk Explores Being a Women in the Sector

Four women are to represent C4DI at this October’s Humber Tech Expo and discuss their experiences working in the technology and digital sector. 

Louise Cooke, Lucy Blackley, Claire Clark, and Christina Colmer Mchugh

C4DI Community Manager Louise Cooke, Founder of Bombyx PLM Lucy Blackley, Director of Development at Sauce Claire Clark, and Co-Founder of Moodbeam Christina Colmer McHugh take to the stage at Bonus Arena on Tuesday 1 October. 

Louise Cooke, Community Manager at C4DI
Louise Cooke, Community Manager at C4DI

First up is Louise, C4DI’s red thread who works tirelessly to connect startups, businesses, and individuals, creating an abundance of opportunity within Hull’s tech sector. 

“I’ll be talking about my role at C4DI supporting entrepreneurs and global organizations to collaborate and innovate. Before joining the C4DI team, I came from a non-technical background, but I believe this has given me a unique insight into how to work with people and help them succeed,” Louise tells us. 

Lucy Blackley, Founder and Director of Bombyx PLM
Lucy Blackley, Founder and Director of Bombyx PLM

Former garment technologist and product developer in the fashion industry, Lucy has made the incredible journey from clothing to coding by developing a new product lifecycle management (PLM) system. 

“It was the challenges and frustrations I faced in my previous roles in the fashion industry that brought me to where I am today,” Lucy explains. 

“My goal is to leave the admin to the systems and enable companies and their employees to reach their full potential through digital transformation.”

Claire Clarke Director of Development at Sauce
Claire Clarke Director of Development at Sauce

Chartered Engineer Claire follows on from Lucy, sharing her insights into what it’s like to become a ‘Connected: Leader’ in a male-dominated industry. 

“My job at  IoT and App Development company Sauce requires me to deliver a range of impressive products for startups and multi-national organizations, connecting their transformations into an agile and digital world,” she reveals.

Christina Colmer McHugh,
Christina Colmer McHugh, Co-Founder and Director at Moodbeam

Finally, former journalist and writer, Christina tell her startup story; from the moment she found out her young daughter was struggling right through to when she launched the first wearable piece of technology that allows you to track your moods. 

“I’ve embarked on a wonderful journey to find a way of connecting and creating conversations that could quite possibly change the way we communicate in our everyday lives, whether that’s personally or professionally,” says Christina. 

We’re In Tech takes place from 2:15pm-2:35pm on Tuesday 1 October at Hull’s Bonus Arena as part of the two-day Tech Expo Humber.