Interview: Willis Talks Interviews Lucy Blackley of Bombyx PLM (A Woman's API For Substance Over Style)
by Bombyx PLM

Why Product Lifecycle Management is a Win for Business.

In this episode of ‘Willis Talks’, I am joined by Lucy Blackley, who is the founder of Product Lifecycle company, Bombyx PLM. Hailing from the fashion industry, Lucy left the exec life to build her own business and create a more accessible approach to Product Lifecycle Management. She discusses how using PLM can make businesses more streamlined, and provide a cradle to grave solution to manage products from conception to roll out, not only for the fashion industry but a whole multitude of sectors, including startups.

Lucy also touches on some of the personal hurdles she has had to overcome as an entrepreneur, including the challenge of equality, overcoming the feeling of imposter syndrome that business leaders can sometimes feel.

This is an insightful discussion with some real nuggets of wisdom and advice for you fellow entrepreneurs. Know that you’re not alone in your worries. If entrepreneurship was easy, everyone would be doing it. Reach out to community spaces in your area and put yourself out there, you’ll find more in common with fellow business owners than you might think.

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