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Press Release: Bombyx PLM offers PLM completely free for up to 5 product uploads

Accelerating startups on their digital journey, and giving SMEs and corporations that aren’t using PLM, a taste of their potential streamlined future.

Press Release: Bombyx PLM offers PLM completely free for up to 5 product uploads

Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, 9th July, Bombyx PLM offers up a freemium version of their ‘Basyx’ core package to give brands an opportunity to experience PLM and its benefits.

This will allow startups and SMEs with a small product range to work better, faster, and more accurately. It’ll also allow larger companies to pilot PLM as a project within their business to analyze the benefits of PLM prior to committing to expanding it throughout their operations.

“The UK, although growing in its use of technology within traditional industries, has been much slower on the uptake than that of North America and Europe. We’ve said all along that PLM is far too expensive for most companies that aren’t a large corporation, and the investment alone puts brands off wanting to streamline.” Lucy Blackley, Founder, and Director, Bombyx PLM

Bombyx PLM is scrapping the notion of PLM being ultimately for ‘the elite’. We want to ensure we are inclusive to all, and level out the playing field to ensure all brands, regardless of size, have the same opportunities as others and experience the value of product lifecycle management in order to streamline their processes, keep on top of the workflow, know what’s going out, coming in, and ultimately allowing them to go home, enjoy their time away from their desk, and sleep at night.

Wellbeing is a core value of ours, and nearly every member of the Bombyx team in the past has suffered burnout due to reoccurring late nights because of the demands of the fast-paced industry we work in. We love it, but something had to give, which is why the inception of Bombyx began. It allows everyone to have that feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, being able to work efficiently and come back full of fire for the industry they spent so many years training to be a part of.

To view the freemium offer available, please

If you would like more information about how you can claim your freemium version of Bombyx PLM, please contact us by email at

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