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The Need for Data Management within Manufacturing Industries

The Need for Data Management within Manufacturing Industries
Data Management Data management is the usage, storage, curation, and consumption of collected information. In 2007, Cragin, M. H. et al., defined in their poster “An educational program on Data Curation” that data curation was: “the active and on-going management of data through its lifecycle of interest and usefulness to scholarship, science, and education; curation…Read More

How Digitalisation Can Build A Resilient Supply Chain

One of the (many) lessons we’ve learned while living through a global pandemic is just how fragile the system actually is, just how vulnerable our way of life is and how quickly it can all come tumbling down around us. Of course, from a business perspective, this is exactly why we carry out risk assessments,…Read More

How To Find Profitable Products

How to Find Profitable Products
Product research is absolutely essential when it comes to selling, whether you plan to put products on shop shelves in real life or if you intend to be e-commerce only. By taking the time to research different products or market niches and using data analysis, you’ll be able to work out whether or not something…Read More

What is PLM? – Origin to Now (Everything You Need to Know)

Type Writer
PLM stands for product lifecycle management. In order for us to effectively grasp the understanding of PLM’s existence and its increasing necessity; we must dig a little deeper into the origin by first understanding the product lifecycle. The Phrase ‘Product Lifecycle’ Product lifecycle represents a series of changes in the lifetime of a product. Regardless…Read More

Meet the Rising Stars regional winners: Yorkshire’s five top early-stage companies

Written by Kane Fulton, and originally published by Tech Nation Rising Stars is the UK’s only national competition for innovative, early-stage tech companies. Last year, 10 companies were crowned Rising Stars 2.0 Winners at our London Grand Final. Now, five regional winners for each region and nation across the UK will compete nationally for the chance to be named…Read More