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Add-on : Dashboard and Calendar Integration (8)

The dashboard and calendar integration is the ultimate add-on for a fast paced environment who need to work on multiple products at once for their upcoming approval deadlines.


When a company has a high number of SKU’s, it’s the seconds that add up inbetween switching from one product to another. With the Dashboard add-on, you’re able to see a complete overview of due items, and dates.


• Go back to recent orders you were working in, to the exact spot you left that product on.

• Read the custom announcements your teams and suppliers have sent you.

• View all dates and approve your products that need to be approved by in order to go to production on time.

• Also view all dates due and mark items as shipped for your production that are nearing their cargo ready dates.

• Additionally view your production and see at which stage in the process it is at with applicable notes added. Whether that is the preparation, manufacturing, or finishing stages.

• Calendar integration allows you to import your current calendar onto the platform as well as add in events and keep track of what is going on within your products lifecycle, and its multiple due dates.

“This sounds great, but I don’t have the time!”
Not a problem. That’s why we have an in-house team of ‘resultants’ to assist you.

So you can get on with your work, without the additional stress of also setting up a new system.

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