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Add-on: Critical Paths (3)

The critical paths add-on is a production plan that contains a list of all of the necessary activities that are required to be done within a particular time frame, and the time they are actually completed. This ensures that the production orders are shipped successfully within the estimated time of delivery.


Product teams maintain the critical path in order to identify the crucial tasks, which if not attended to, could impact on delivery schedules for their product lines. 


In the fast-paced product design industry, the global sourcing environment is increasingly complex. With numerous processes, multiple functions and suppliers in different countries, it’s a necessity that they all work together as a virtual orchestra to produce products within a the required timeframes.


The critical paths add-on allows users to view whole ranges to see the status of all of their products together, as opposed to entering each individual data pack separately. This allows the user to receive their time checking up on their products developments and production.


Additionally, if a company requires more information, they are able to add custom fields to ensure the critical paths cater for their business model and requirements.

“This sounds great, but I don’t have the time!”
Not a problem. That’s why we have an in-house team of ‘resultants’ to assist you.

So you can get on with your work, without the additional stress of also setting up a new system.

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